street art roundup

Thank you Banksy, for revolutionizing graffiti. The array of media that street artists utilize now is sick. For instance, the rainbow gator is actually a yarn bomb/stencil hybrid. The piece that looks like it's made of light is a stencil held up for a long-exposure photo against the backdrop of a glaring street lamp. The mock magazines are so awesome and such a fantastic statement about the climate of our country. And, of course, the gigantic-scale Mucha-inspired Lady of Peace is simply stunning. I love what street art has become over the last decade.

1. Anonymous, via this isn't happiness
2. Banksy, MOCA, via tdw
3. Hottea, Minneapolis, via this is colossal
4. Wittner Fabrice, Vietnam, via colossal
5. TrustoCorp, Hollywood & NYC, via tdw
6. Tasso, Germany, via colossal
7. A'Shop, Montreal, via tdw