adventures in dressmaking

Whenever I use a sewing machine, it always jams up and starts crying, and I have to run away before it explodes, spraying pins and shreds of fabric everywhere. But I got it in my head that I wanted a sparkly, oversized t-shirt dress with a deep neckline for New Years... and I couldn't find it anywhere. Cue my mom - her first job was working for a dressmaker and she's been sewing forever (moms are such wonderful resources, aren't they?). The fabric was my Christmas present! We used a pre-made pattern, which was originally for a sexy prisoner Halloween costume. That's right, I made that into something classy.

Working with a knit was super hard - I think the last photo demonstrates that. Lots of bunching. Apparently this can be solved by putting tape or tissue paper over the fabric before you sew, but I was impatient and it ended up being very unbunchy anyway. The drape on the dress is incredible and it's exactly what I wanted. Would I do it again? Yes, definitely. Probably not without Mama Guise though.

See the finished product here!