what's in my bag?

A friend of mine recently got an iPhone, and while he does agree with Steve Jobs that it is in fact the world inside your pocket, he confided in me that sometimes, for a fleeting second, he has the sudden urge to smash it on the sidewalk. I could totally relate. Without getting all Chuck Palahniuk on each other, we discussed why this could be: is it the primal being in us, trying to rip off our technological constraints Hulk-style and run naked and free through the woods? Either way, here is, for your viewing pleasure, a breakdown of all the crap I carry around on a daily basis. You know, because I "need it."

 Brown leather log bag from ASOS (asos.com). Large recycled paper notebook for developing stories & blog ideas, smaller Moleskine for observations, iPod touch, sunscreen, Listerine strips, Monokuru Boo mirror (my sister got it for me in Chinatown, we both thought it was so funny and cute), pen knife (knife, nail file, scissors), fuzzy toothpick thingy, bug spray, Madame Scodioli solid scent in Elyria (available from Madame Scodioli Bearded Proprietor), NARS concealer duo, pens, peach leather keychain/wallet combo (from Studio Amiel), H&M shades, mace (be prepared!), top from a drink stirrer I got from an Iron&Wine concert in Radio City that I use as a flashlight, Neutrogena sunscreen lip balm, mini Benetint, extra AA batteries in little zip case from Peru (for Canon PowerShot SX120, not shown), headphones, pill case, extra earrings (seriously, I am so crazy), phone that is not an iPhone

A close-up of some of the tinier stuff.

But Elizabeth! you say. All of that can't possibly fit in that handbag! Well... wrong.

With room to spare!